Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Rookie (Part Two)

Here is a second excerpt from my short story about truck driving, "The Rookie."  I am not including the entire story because I am submitting it for publication and a publisher may not like it if the entire story is already free on the Internet.

A brief synopsis: Rookie driver accidentally turns into a neighborhood street. In this scene,  he's just cleared a difficult turn when he's confronted by an angry neighbor.

But as the semi crawled down the street, a man burst out of his house, arms raised, yelling. Was he trying to get Vance's attention? This was answered when the man stepped in front of the rig. Vance rolled down his window. He did not set his brake.

This man came from small town central casting. He wore a torn flannel shirt and had a 100 length cigarette smoldering, waggling back and forth  between the index and ring fingers of his right hand.. Torn blue jeans. Plastic frame glasses with tinted lenses. And a crew cut with hair long enough in the back to qualify as a semi-mullet. The only odd thing about him was that he had a thin, meticulously groomed mustache a la John Waters or Clark Gable. It was an incongruous touch of the debonaire. And, man, was he pissed.

He squinted his eyes and pointed his cigarette at Vance, as if sighting down a rifle.

"What the hell you think you're doing?" he yelled.  "Ain't no trucks allowed on this street. Mark my words, one of these days a kid's gonna get hit."


"Shit, man, I know I shouldn't be here," Vance said. "It was a sumbitch clearing those last two corners."

"Well, then what the fuck you doing here?"

Vance pointed to the warehouse, just beyond the man's backyard.

"So the fuck what? See Harvest Drive over there. It's wide. It's accessible from the state highway. So what you gotta cross some railroad tracks. So what it's a little farther from the interstate."

"Believe me, man. Next time I have to come out here, I will definitely go that route. Trust me, man. If I would have known about that street, I'd a took it."

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