Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Rookie (Part 3)

The man waved both arms in disgust and slowly turned back towards his house. Vance put the rig back in gear and started forward again. That's when he heard the sound of scraping on the roof of his trailer. It must just be a tree branch. Then he looked in the his driver's side mirror and mullet mustache man was waving his arms and running over.

"Aw, shit, man. You really did it now!" he said, giddy to have something to renew his ire. "You clipped a gawd damn wire!"

Hazards back on. Parking brake hiss. Door open, eyes up, confirming the worst. Now it was Vance's turn to take on an air of disgust. He stepped back in his cab and grabbed his phone. He had to call the police, his fleet manager, a claims department within his company. There was a little card he had to follow to a tee in case of an incident or accident. But this was Vance's first "incident," "accident," or however it would be classified. And his hands shook as dialed 911.

The cops hadn't come yet, but as Vance listened to flute and guitar hold music waiting for some weekend claims department person to answer, he noticed a crowd gathering around the struck. First came a scrawny bearded man about 50, screaming about the game. Then mullet man said, loud enough for Vance to hear, even though his windows were closed, "Shit gwan get ugly. You clipped the cable, man!! During a Bears game."

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