Saturday, May 25, 2013

Home sweet home

In less than two weeks, on June 7, we are closing the sale on this house. It is an older home, built around 1900, but well maintained with many new features throughout, including a new water heater, furnace, and a recently done roof. It is a corner lot at 614 DeKalb Ave., in Sycamore, kitty corner from the police and fire station and close to downtown. We chose this place because it felt like home and doesn't require us to make any lifestyle modifications, such as commute or switch schools for Jonny.

This is a major commitment of time and resources, but Esther and I are both secure in our jobs and in the knowledge that we want to provide for Jonny the same quality of life experience that we enjoyed,  to grow up in a stable home environment and community. I can still visit the only home I knew the first 21 years of my life in Loves Park, where my retired parents have lived for more than 45 years. And while I certainly may not live in this house for as long, we intend to make it our home as long as Jonny lives with us.

Now is also a good time to buy a house, and first time homebuyers like us can find a good investment at historically low interest rates. So, in addition to fitting where our lives are at, the time is right for this kind of purchase.

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