Monday, September 03, 2012

Beer review: Domaine DuPage

Almost every week, I make a trip to Lindeman's, a local liquor store, and buy a six-pack of beer. And since the selection there is incredible, I buy a different beer every time I go. If I'm drinking all of these different beers, why not write short reviews? This is my first beer review. If I can be disciplined and get to a computer with Internet connectivity, I will post one every week.

I bought Domaine DuPage because it is touted as a beer that is good with food. It was a Friday, homemade pizza night, and it seemed like a good choice. So it turned out to be. Although Domaine DuPage has a relatively high alcohol percentage, 5.9 percent, it is refreshingly easy on the palate and I didn't really taste the alcohol, which is kind of a turn off for me when drinking beer. It has a sweet nose with a hoppy, but not IPA hoppy, kind of finish.

This is an amber beer, which impressed me because I usually avoid ambers for their alcohol taste. Ambers are not high up on my list of favorite beer types. But this one is smooth, and it was great with the pizza and any other red sauce meals. I even enjoyed a bottle with steak, medium rare, topped with bleu cheese and garlic seasoning. That was a little moment of heaven right there.

Two Brothers is a local brewing company, based out of Warrenville, IL. According to their web site, Domaine DuPage is available year round and can be found in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York.

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