Monday, February 27, 2012


Greetings from the Markham, IL public library. I've only got 15 minutes, so will just keep typing until my time is up. Any spelling errors or poor writing can be attributed to this time crunch.

A lot has happened since I last wrote in the blog. A lot of it is personal and I don't want to burden the Internet with my troubles. I'm single now, a single parent, and have moved out of my DeKalb residence in the last month. The one day a week I am home, I stay at my parent's house in Loves Park, IL. So far, this is a very amicable arrangement. Since I have Jonny, Nana and Nanu get to see their grandson every weekend.

I'm also on my fifth week of a regular route. After six months of over the road driving and visiting 40 of the 48 continental United States, I am now on a scheduled run from Romeoville, IL, to Appleton, WI and back five nights a week. A sixth night I do not do this route. Sometimes I have another delivery, usually with a pick up in Green Bay. Other nights I get no deliveries. While the midweek break is nice, I'd rather be driving and making money. So far, I like the regular route. It is a lot less stress. No route finding. No travelling out east. No dealing with scales, paying lumper fees, or many of the other hassles I dealt with on the long hauls. The downside is I have very limited scenery (no more mountains) and don't have the opportunity to drive 600+ miles in a day. But I get home every weekend, from Saturday morning until Sunday night. And knowing it will only be five days and change until I see my son again is worth the monotony of the regular route. I'm very happy with the arrangement, actually.

I'm also enjoying time with my son. He's 6 now, and it is a very fun, inquisitive age. He often asks me to tell him stories, which is slowly helping me get over my writer's block. This past weekend I bought him a guitar and a couple beginner's instruction books. He seems eager to learn and is catching on fast. We're just going to take it easy and go through the lessons in the book. That's how I learned. Just playing a bit every day. Later, if he's still interested, I'll pay for private lessons. I think it's important he get some kind of musical education. It's one of the few activities I've strongly encouraged.

Well... that's it. Two minutes left. Time to wrap it up. More later.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, come back to De Kalb. We miss you man! Wish you were her with the guys.