Friday, May 06, 2011

A musical interlude

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I like to make music. Last Monday I spent the entire afternoon and evening composing a new song. I have a 24-track digital recording and mixing studio on my laptop, and while the quality is demo at best, it allows me the freedom to flesh out musical ideas.

I went into Monday's songwriting with a specific goal: To create a song that included influences of Kraftwerk and Rage Against the Machine. The result is "Technorati," which also is my first foray into the rap genre.

Here's a link to the song:
I could probably find some nifty widget to display the song, but I'm on my phone and don't want to mess around with it. The song was a lot of fun to compose and perform. I have a newfound respect for rappers and the difficult performances they do. I found that I had to adapt my lyrics to the tempo because some words could not be sung or spoken that fast.

I am most proud of the bridge because it incorporates a three part guitar harmony and was composed and recorded in less than an hour. There are some really subtle rhythmic interplays and I am still hearing new textures upon re-listening.

Music is so ephemeral, and I expect this song will only be enjoyed by a select few. For me, the moment has passed. Or as the great Thelonious Monk said, (of course, I'm paraphrasing) "The first take is where the magic is. Every one after is chasing after a dream."

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