Monday, May 09, 2011

Instant coffee review

A couple weeks ago, on a rainy day with my son, we were at the evil clown palace, a.k.a. McDonald's, so Jonny could enjoy the playland. While I was sitting there messing around on my phone, a guy at a nearby table with an Ipad asked me if I drank coffee. Of course, I said yes, which started him on his spiel.

Fred is a sales Rep for Organo Gold coffee, an instant. I am skeptical of instants, being a French press user who uses a grinder and unchlorinated water. I would call myself a coffee aficionado, but won't go that far. Let's just say I know how to make a good cup of Joe and recognize most people make or settle for swill.

But as an avid backpacker, I do like the ease and portability of instant coffee. I have tried the Starbucks Vie and find the Organo Gold to be comparable. Both are weak approximations of real coffee. Not as good, but good on the trail. The Organo Gold latte I tried stirred to a nice, creamy head. And its got ganoderma extract, a fungus purported to have healing/detoxification properties. I notice a warm flush, akin to the increase in metabolism I feel after a run. Organo Gold doesn't give me an "edgy" feeling.

But I will still go with the Vie on my next backpacking trip. Why? It's lighter. I need the "edge" out there. It gives me more whoop whoop (how's that for thoughtful analysis?). And it's available at the supermarket.

Good luck to Fred. I imagine Organo Gold is marketed in the pseudo-pyramid scheme that Amway is, because he said I could be an associate if I like. That's tough work and takes a lot of hustle. At least he's marketing a fairly decent product, as far as instant coffees go.

Help Fred out. Give him a call at 815-786-7243 or email

I googled the coffee, and there are a lot of sites calling its marketing a "scam." I don't care, as I do not intend to sell it and was not paid for this review. Fred just gave me some free samples to try and I promised I would give my honest opinion in a blog post.

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