Friday, May 13, 2011

He's so "trail"

There's this term for someone who seems laid back, able to go with flow, and has a connection with nature. I call it "trail." Being "trail" is the opposite of most of the people in America, who bear no connection to the natural world and dismiss those who move to Mother Nature's rhythms as pie-in-the-sky hippie dips. Not seeking out wealth or fame, material goods, or pre-packaged experiences is a rather un-American way to live.

A few weekends ago, I was watching through some YouTube videos and came across a viral video from last July. It features an unseen narrator, Paul "Bear" Vasquez, marvelling, awestruck at the sight of a double rainbow outside his trailer. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel tweeted this video and helped spread its popularity. Vasquez even appeared on Kimmel's show. Here's the video:

Vasquez owns land outside of Yosemite National Park. After watching a few more videos, I discovered he breeds dogs and grows his own fruits and vegetables on the farm.

The popularity of the "double rainbow" video is due to Paul's over the top awe at the sight of the rainbow. To the majority of viewers who do not live as connected to nature as Vasquez, this near-orgasmic awe is derided. I agree that it is a bit much, but I respect and instantly connect to his reaction. It truly is a beautiful sight.

As I learned more about Vasquez, the more I liked him. His children are healthy and happy, and enjoy a close relationship with him. He hosts visitors to his farm year round, was once a cage fighter, a long haul truck driver, and when he was young worked as a firefighter in Los Angeles County. He's lived a full life and is surrounded by loving friends and family.

Vasquez also chose not to make any profits from the popularity of his video. He has figured out how to live, simply and happily, in tune with nature and in loving harmony with those around him. He is the embodiment of "trail," and I've seen many enlightened souls like him in my travels and can only aspire to attain the peace and joy he exhibits in his double rainbow and other videos.

He also has an awesome view from his backyard, even without a double rainbow.

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