Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cloud busting

My hippie freak pseudo-mystic neighbor Daryl told me about cloud busting, the ability to make clouds disappear by looking at them and concentrating. He said he's seen somebody do this and, "Hey, man. It makes sense. What are we made out of? Dust and water. What are clouds made out of? Bingo."

This from the same guy who claims he can heal me by waving his hands around in my aura.

Daryl says cloud busting is a fairly easy trick. There's even a book about it, Cloud Busting Secrets: Make Clouds Vanish, Appear and More by Devin Knight and Jerome Finley, and it is featured in a movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats. Here's a pseudo-scientific explanation and video demonstration of the phenomena. I am skeptical of it, but it would be a fun thing to try on a lazy summer afternoon.

Just think if most people caught on to this phenomena. No more floods or rain delays at baseball games. Everybody just needs to focus their energies!

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David1122 said...

I have done my share of cloudbusting with similar results. Watch the demo again and rather then watch the cloud in the center of the screen where Slade would like you to place your attention. Watch the large vertical cloud to the left and the smaller one to the left. By the time the center cloud has dissapated so have the clouds on either side. Hmm, low lying clouds just seem to do that.