Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jonny passes another test!

My son Jon passed his second karate test Tuesday night at Haish Gym in DeKalb. He has been going to hour-long classes weekly since last fall and is in his fourth six-week session. He loves the class and has not missed a session yet. It has been neat to see him emerge as a leader among his peers. The instructors often ask him to demonstrate a move for his classmates.

I'm so proud of Jonny for passing his second belt test. I'm most impressed by the maturity and poise he showed when Sibak Austin was trying to teach him his test manuevers. It took three or four tries for Jonny to get it right, and I know even six months ago he might have broken down crying out of frustration. I could see that impulse welling up, but then watched as he quelled it and found his focus.

Yeah, he'll eventually learn to kick butt, but he's already learning discipline, how to follow directions, and that "practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes." From my third grade teacher Mrs. Bolin, to me, and now said by my son.

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Tony said...

Go Jonny Go!