Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jam session Monday

The stars were aligned Monday night. I went to The House Cafe hoping to get enough players together to jam a few riffs I've been working on and hope to develop into full-fledged songs. Right when I got there, I met Dan, the lead guitarist of Isle of Vinyl, a local jam band. I asked him if he would join me in the jam and he readily agreed. We continued talking through the sign up, and got adjacent slots toward the end of the evening. All of the pieces were in place. I then asked Ron Kollman, who I've played with many times before, to join in. After sign up, I went back home and saw my neighbor David Jonsson, also a local musician, if he would join in.

We didn't practice what you hear. In fact, I learned a valuable lesson about jamming. In the first song, I just started playing, with my guitar capoed to the sixth fret, and assumed my fellow players would pick it up by ear. They did, but it took a few bars to get it together. For the second song, I gave them the chords for the chorus and verse before we played, and it went a lot more smoothly.

My favorite moment is the last two minutes of the video. There's some serious soloing going on, and the band is tight and creating new sounds. In spite of my own technical problems (the pickup kept falling out), the rest of the band is cooking. If you like Isle of Vinyl, check out their stuff on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

When is your next show? I would love to come out and see you.

Larry said...

Great arranagemnent. Every thought of taking your guitar on the road and playing in some different towns to earn some cash? Keep up the talent.