Wednesday, March 02, 2011

At long last, Stoom! in 2011

I finally ended my long hiatus and played the open mic at the House Cafe in DeKalb Monday night. The music was well-received, and except for a few missed notes, I was pleased with the performance.

The first song is an original, "All The Same," that I've performed a couple times before. I recorded the backing track and vocals. No samples. It's a good song to open with because it's easy to perform. The next two songs are "chick rock" covers, "Who Knew," by Pink, and "Stuck Like Glue," by Sugarland. I learned those songs during a recent stay in Texas. My niece Mallory asked me to play the Sugarland song. She goes to school in Sugar Land, Texas.

I got the Guitar Tab White Pages (vol. 2) by Hal Leonard publishing. I put a list of songs I want to learn on my Twitter page. I hope to get a full band together for a few shows. Just doing this for fun. It's nice to play to an audience, but at age 38 have no dreams of rock and roll stardom.

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Anonymous said...

When is your next show? I would love to come out and see you.