Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Body For Life, day 30

Working out is going great. I'm increasing my stamina, mood is great, and notice toning and form in places that never had it before, such as my triceps. On Saturday, I ran my first 10K in 5 years, even though it was run on a treadmill.

But I also didn't lose any weight last week. I ate out too much and made too many bad eating decisions. Some habits die hard, and even though keeping a food diary makes me more conscientious about what I eat, it still doesn't make it easy to change well-established eating routines.

This difficulty caught me by surprise because I've been so pleased with the exercise aspects of the Body For Life program. I think I let myself cheat because I am doing so well with the exercise. But the twin pillars of my physical transformation are exercise AND diet.

On a related note, I find that as the program becomes more embedded into my daily life, as the weeks roll on and the newness wears off, that I want to focus on other things. Sure, I'm tired of talking about it and don't get excited about taking the videos, but I'm going to stick with the program because I like what's happening and want to make these recent changes lifelong habits. Naturally, as this does become habit, I don't have to think about it as much.

I promise to stop writing about it when the 12 weeks are up. Enjoy the videos in the meantime.

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Jim Kline said...

Body for Life?? Just wait until you turn 60, as I did today!

I've been reading your posts off and on for a few years now, after discovering we are practically "neighbors." I especially enjoyed your NCT trip report this summer; it reminds me of my own "Trans-Wisconsin 97" which I reported on in my own blog.

If you REALLY want a body for life, try to avoid (or limit)trips to the fast food restaurants!