Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Two live shows

Here's a bunch of videos from the last two weeks performances at The House Cafe, DeKalb, IL. I've got three more shows to reach my goal of 10 open mic performances. Six of the seven shows can be found here, on my Facebook profile, and YouTube.

This first video is from Oct. 25. I include text boxes, like in VH1's Pop Up videos, about a variety of topics, including the origin of "Stoom," what the fog in smoke machines is made of, and the literary inspirations behind the Beatles song "Golden Slumbers," which is covered by Stoom.

The next two videos are keyboardist Jim Nerstheimer's stage camera view of our Nov. 1 performance. We played four songs and were a full band for the first time. Veteran open mic performer Tim lent his drumming talents. Songs played: "Country Death Song," by The Violent Femmes, "Coconut Skins," by Damian Rice, "Enkidu," a live debut of a Stoom original, and "Whiter Shade of Pale," by Procol Harum.

The last video is from my camera in front of the stage, and includes the first three songs. I also had some fun with the special effects on Windows MovieMaker.

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