Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lap Steel Rules

For this week's open mic video, I had the honor of playing with local music legend, D.K. Kolar, who brought a lap steel guitar to the House Cafe last night. After a brief run-through two of the songs and a couple questions about chord progressions, Kolar was ready to cook, and indeed he does.

My original 12-bar blues number, "When You Comin' Home?" never sounded better thanks to the sinuous, sonorous stylings of Kolar's lap steel guitar. Ron Kollman did an excellent solo accompaniment on our cover of America's "Sister Golden Hair," and Tim, the youngun' of the group at 20-years-old, kept our choo-choo a chugging along on "Mystery Train."

This is my eighth open mic appearance at The House Cafe this fall. To see videos of seven of those performances, type "Stoom dekalb" into the YouTube search box, or just go to my channel at www.youtube.com/greglocascio

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