Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Body For Life week 3 video blog

Today is day 16 of my Body For Life program. It is designed to last 84 days, but I hope to keep the same habits after my transformation is complete.

So far, I am gaining momentum and encouragement every day from sticking to this program. I have not missed a workout yet. Last Friday I didn't go to the gym for my lower body workout. Instead, I went on a four-mile hike. But on Saturday I did the lower body workout AND my cardio workout, which is a 3-mile run. My legs felt like lead weights at the beginning of the run, but loosened up as it progressed.

There are a couple aspects of the program I am choosing not to follow. One thing the program suggests doing during the cardio workout is to increase the difficulty/pace of the workout in 3-4 waves, making it more difficult, then stepping down, and repeating. I don't like this because it interrupts the groove I like to get into while running. To honor at least the spirit of Body For Life, I do increase the pace to my uppermost limit the last quarter mile or so of the run.

I also do not plan my meals. I find that my food preferences change too quickly to plan a meal in advance. While I employ portion control and try to keep my diet low fat and low sugar, I would rather keep a food diary of what I eat. I discovered the first week that I was never sticking to my food plan, but that I was eating right anyways. So now I just keep a diary of what I do actually eat. The simple act of keeping a food diary has limited my caloric consumption immensely.

I keep the food diary and workout summaries as Tweets. These can be seen at www.twitter.com/greglocascio.

Here is my video blog. While physical changes are hardly noticeable now, stay tuned. The next 2-3 weeks will bring visible changes to my physique. I can already feel them happening.

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