Friday, September 10, 2010

New song, "Enkidu"

Whew! Seven songs recorded since April. I have three older songs in my repertoire I have yet to record, "So Damn Tired," "When You Coming Home?" and "Eph." Those will be finished by the end of the month. Which means with the seven recorded I have 10 original songs in my repertoire. Three more to go before I have a decent album's worth of material. Of course, the goal is to have 20 recorded by year's end. No time to rest easy. Good thing I enjoy the creative process.

A few notes about the latest song: The song is based around the A-flat-seventh chord, which I'd never played before; that's why I chose it; all of the other chords (B, B7, D-flat, D-flat7, and F#) are in the same key as the A-flat-seventh; the lyrics are inspired by The Epic of Gilgamesh, with a few lines paraphrased from some poetry by Pablo Neruda (beery belly laughs, etc.); disparaging civilization for the nobility of nature; and in this way, it touches on a similar theme expressed in "All the Same"; this is the first track where I used the drum machine on the keyboard; it can keep a must faster beat than I can; through this I discovered the verse is 170 beats per minute and the chorus 147 beats; Jim Nerstheimer once again does an excellent job on organ for this track; and his playing also appears on "Bomb Shelter."

Also, on this version of the player is a re-edited version of my first song. Its original title was "Progress?", but Jim informed me the song is done in the style of a ritornello, a recurrent musical section that alternates with different episodes of contrasting material. So the song's new name is... "Ritornello."

I hope to put a string of weeks together and play one original and two covers every Monday night at The House in DeKalb and videotape the performances. Last week was so much fun! My band's name is Stoom, or Stu(umlauten)m. My stage name is Allan Ru. Sorry, Mom and Dad, but Locascio is too hard to spell or pronounce. I also like to take on a different persona when I perform, so a name change is appropriate.

Check out the House's live feed Monday night after 8 p.m. to enjoy local talent at the best, and one of the only, open stages in DeKalb:

Monday's song list: "All the Same," "About a Girl," by Nirvana, and "Summer's Almost Gone," by The Doors.

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