Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Live! At the House Cafe, Sept. 27, 2010

Last night marked the fourth Monday in a row I have played open stage at The House cafe. I felt most comfortable, and as a result had better chops. I only missed a few notes, an accomplishment hard-won through many hours of practice. I am admittedly a little fumble-fingered, but can keep a steady rhythm and know how to read music and listen well.

"Walk, Don't Run," like "Etude No. 7" and "Rustic Song," are songs that I've been dinking around with for years. The sheet music for "Walk" is from a pep band score, and was given as an assigment when I took guitar lessons for 6-7 months in 1991. I wonder of my former instructor, Gary Williams, is still around. If so, I'll send him a link to the video with my thanks. He also gave me the music for "Rustic Song," which means, yes, if you do the math, that I've been dinking around with those two songs for almost 20 years. I can finally say I got 'em down cold. The Matteo Carcassi etude is from 39 Progressive Solos for Classical Guitar, arranged by Ben Bolt. I've had that book since 1992 or 3.

I played "Space Oddity" back in 1997 at Clyde's Open Stage, which was hosted at the now-closed, but still iconic McCabe's, just across 3rd St. from The House. But I just learned the bridge and outro solo on Sunday. I'd never played it with accompaniment. It sounds so much better with Jim's assistance. "Inflatable Barbie Chair" was written during the famed Tallheaded Woody Wilcox sessions in 2003, but this performance is the first time I extended the intro and also ended it with some nice feedback. This is the best live performance I've given of the song.

Here are the videos. There are three. My video shows all three songs, but cuts off ...Barbie Chair. My camera battery died. But Jim took video too, and placed the camera on stage beside his keyboard. His has better sound quality (I can hear the vocals better on all the songs and the overall balance is good). I am also including a short clip done by my former employer, The Northern Star, the student newspaper for Northern Illinois University. It shows a short clip of me solo from Sept. 20 at the 1:39 mark.


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