Sunday, July 25, 2010

There's this nondescript office building in my old neighborhood. It's across the street from a church property field that has a baseball backstop made of planks, telephone poles & chain link fence. Real old school & bulky. I also played tag & tackle football there. Jeremy's yard was beyond the backstop, so whenever i remember it I think of Jeremy's murdered father.

I meant to tell a story about a walk with my son almost a couple years ago, when we ventured into that office building on his lead, & I realized I'd never been in this building before, in spite of the familiarity of its surroundings, but now am wrapped up in memories of those surroundings.

I used to fly kites there. Once I used 1,000 yards of fishing line to send an old fashioned paper bow kite (w/ a cloth tail) speck high into the stratosphere.

I once encountered a group of friendly hippies tossing around a ball w/ a parachute. I joined them & they eventually tossed me into the air. Blue sky whee. I was light & I flew.

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