Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doodle art

I finally completed a 3-subject notebook started in January 2008, my last semester of graduate school. I've doodled in all my notebooks, but for this one decided to take pictures of some of my best doodles. These were spontaneously drawn. I don't know or care if they qualify as "art." Any comments would be greatly appreciated, even critical ones.

I drew this while waiting for a perky REI sales representative to find replacement shoulder straps for my 12-year-old Wonderland Trekker external frame pack. It was a long wait. I wasn't surprised to learn they no longer have the strap in stock.

Musical notation?

The credit card monster.

This one kind of gives me an "Ent" vibe.


Gothic wheat.

Arachnid air attack.

The spitting fish is a recurring character in my doodles.

The Dragon. My favorite.

Triangle plant.

Nice framing.
Bigfoot spares the geometric flower.

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Alice Vilches said...

these are good