Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Song, "All the Same"

This is an old, old, old riff given new life and lyrics within the confines of my Fargo home studio. "All The Same" is all about the bass line, which has been a warm-up riff on the lower strings of the guitar since maybe the mid-90's. I came up with some cheesy ant-corporate lyrics, something about Mickey D and Wally M, but decided, in the interests of not being sued, to take a more literary bent with the lyrics.

A booby prize to whomever can name the poet and poems I have adapted for the lyrics of this song.

Also, my friend Todd Stanley lends a vocal assist on the chorus with what I call underwater antiphonal vocal. Gum Mwum mabaho, Todd.

"All The Same"

Paramours of courtesans
are well and satisfied, content

Afternoons forevermore
miracle fruits your heart adores


And it's all the same
wherever you turn
Feel the pain
and let it all burn

Owing to the peerless stars
All the suns I knew before

Honeysuckle, tiger lily, garlic mustard
growing by the side of the road


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