Friday, April 16, 2010

Inflatable Barbie Chair song

Download Greg Locascio - Inflatable Barbie Chair

I tried using Podbean, but the uploader complained that the bitrate on my MP3 was too fast, so I converted it down to the proper bitrate and it's still not accepting it. Although doesn't have the nifty embeddable player, this is just as effective.

I enjoyed re-working "Inflatable Barbie Chair," the first song I recorded using the Cubase LE software, because this re-recording shows me how much I've learned in the past couple weeks. In particular, with this song I learned how to apply effects to individual voices. I didn't use any effects with "Progress?" because I only knew how to apply them to the whole song.

I'm still working on a funny YouTube video featuring this song, so stay tuned!

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