Friday, April 23, 2010

Lyrics for "Inflatable Barbie Chair," "Progress," and "Tucson"

"Inflatable Barbie Chair"

And you say that you want to be in pictures
and you say that you want to be a star
With good ideas and a bright imagination
the best intentions won't get you very far

As you sit there, in your inflatable Barbie Chair

Another loser, dreaming in your basement
Alien creature, in orbit from afar
Stare in the mirror and pout at your reflection
Stream to the future, you don't know where you are

So you sit there, in your inflatable Barbie Chair

Is it in you? blood and sinew?
Is it in you? Is it in you?

And you're so real, so hip, and so together
Cool and sincere, with all the latest style
You quickly cheer what catches to your fancy
Taste touch and feel the sensomatic world

As you sit there in your Inflatable Barbie chair

It doesn't matter, these endless aspirations
Faded and tattered, a billboard in the sky
Forget your baggage, just leave it at the station
Purge all your sadness and move on with a smile

As you sit there in your inflatable Barbie chair

Is it in you? Blood and sinew?
Is it in you? Is it in you?


Creosote, tar and cinder
I'm walkin' down the line
Looking for an empty boxcar
to while away my time

Never have known the comforts
and pleasures of the easy life
No hand to grab ahold of
all is struggle, all is strife

Left in pain and derision
I made a snap decision
To the east
To make my name, my fame, my claim

Can you feel the city?
Concrete under your feet
Gets you feelin' giddy
Take up to the
street (13x)

Now you're really movin'
groovin' into the flow
keep it coming going
never be
slow (13x)

Taking up our place in the sun
Is it over, victory won?
Dust and memories
Are all that remain
at the terminus

Lean and old
This story's told a thousand times
It all comes down to nothing in the end


Jet trail scream
smoggy sunset pink
washboard dust
Rabbits scurry
from the headlight's glare

Pinion pines
crackling power lines
when you bloom so brief
it's easy to miss
that moment of color

No decay
faded to a pale
she's so clear
a winding arroyo
bending with the stream

devil spinning wind
shooting stars
scuttle and haste
of hard-shelled creatures

She's still there
eyes burned in my soul
Free, untamed
hostile and harsh
but touched with beauty

Rocky ledge
cool and clay beneath
Ancient fire
swirling embers
fly out to the night

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