Friday, March 12, 2010

Cool prog rock resource

As usual, I am the last person the planet to discover the following cool web site:

I have been spending 4-5 hours a day at the Illinois Worknet center in DeKalb applying for teaching jobs online. Their Internet filters do not allow Pandora, my first choice for Internet music, and other online radio stations. But the filter does allow podcasts. I spent the first few days trying to pay attention to people talking about winter backpacking trips while doing the many uploading and writing tasks associated with applying for jobs. This didn't work out too well. TMI (too much information)!

The Rogues' Gallery is almost all music, and when the host does talk to artists, he intersplices the interview with lots of tracks. It has been a wonderful, nay transcendent experience, while mired in the mundane tasks of job seeking, to enjoy aural prog rock stimulations on my headphones.

And the host, Franz, has been doing this podcast for SEVEN YEARS!! There are 331 podcasts and each is 2-4 hours long and downloadable to Windows media player. This is exhaustive. Franz has done a professional service for free to all fans of progressive rock. Thank you! Your work is greatly appreciated.

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