Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Old band, new tunes

Thanks to my old drum corps buddy Andy for turning me on to some old, but certainly not vintage Genesis tracks. These were both left off what is possibly the last Genesis studio album, Calling All Stations, released in 1997, an album that failed to reach the top 50 in Billboard sales and featured the vocals of Ray Wilson. While I'm not a fan of this album and do not understand why Andy loves it so, I have to admit these two omitted tracks really show how surviving members Mike Rutherford (guitar) and Tony Banks (keyboards) added to the overall Genesis sound.

I've always felt that Phil Collins' mid to late 80's pop standard leanings are what killed Genesis, a progressive rock band that, like Yes, shortened their songs and focused their formidable chops on catchy hooks and melodies. Many die-hard Genesis fans cut off the band's greatness at 1975's The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, when Peter Gabriel left the group and Collins took over as lead singer. I actually like Collins as a singer, but don't really listen much to anything after Abacab (1981) which, in its stark simplicity and earnest tone is one of my all-time favorite Genesis disks.

In any case, thanks, Andy! It's not every day I get to hear new (to me) Genesis tunes. In fact, its been almost 10 years since I heard the B-sides and rare tracks of the Genesis box sets (1967-75 and 76-92).

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