Monday, January 11, 2010

National Geographic (part 2)

Here's the 2nd part of my list of National Geographics I have collected since May 2008 entirely for free from garage sales and one library liquidation (W.H. Goble Library, Elgin High School).

1987 - all except Sept.
88 - Jan.-May, July-Sept., Nov.-Dec.
89 - Feb.-Sept., Nov.-Dec.
90 - Feb.-Mar., May-Dec.
91 - all except Feb.
92 - all except Mar.
93 - all except Feb.
94 - Jan.-June, Sept.
95 - all except Jan.
96 - May.
97 - June.
99 - Dec.
2001 - Feb.
04 - Oct.

This list may be of no interest to anyone but myself. It's just nice to know what I have. Although I'm not even close to reading all these, I always keep a couple in the bathroom. My initial interest in this magazine was an adolescent search for native titties. Now I enjoy the photos of other beautiful scenery along with the articles & map supplement.

National Geographic is one of the most ubiquitous titles in the world. I have little doubt my collection will expand greatly without spending any money.

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