Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As I catalogued my National Geographics last night, I shook out a bunch of maps. Here's what I found, in no particular order:

The solar system (July 81)
British Isles (Oct. 79)
Archaeological map of Middle America (Oct. 68)
Ontario (Dec. 78)
Wild & Scenic Rivers of the United States (July 77)
Central Rockies (Aug. 84)
Western Soviet Union (Sept. 59)
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, & eastern Thailand (Jan. 65)
Nile Valley (May 65)
North America (Apr. 64)
The United States (July 61)
The physical World (Nov. 75)
The political Word (Nov. 60)
Japan & Korea (Dec. 60)
Northwestern South America (Feb. 64)
China (Nov. 64 & July 91)
Southwest Asia (May 63)
Mexico & Central America (Oct. 61)
State of Alaska (July 59)

A fun classroom/research exercise is to compare one of the older maps with a similar modern one and compare differences, exploring stories behind the changes. Even the solar system (or our definition of it, at least) has changed since the map I own was published.

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