Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gleaning notes

  "Scrounger" and "scavenger" are harsh, if not accurate names for a dumpster diver. There's also "forager" or, the kindest, "gleaner," which suggests a deft, light touch, as in, "we gleaned most of the sources for specific information and only read every jot and tittle of seminal texts." According to Webster's,"glean" also means to collect, and, more specifically, to collect the remaining grain from a field. So, in this sense of the definition, "glean" relates to dumpster diving.

But one of the definitions of "scavenge" is "to salvage usable goods by rummaging through refuse or discards." "Scrounge" has more outre (accent acute) credibility because one of its definitions is to steal, another to beg. It also means "to manage to get or find by hunting around." This definition addresses methodology whereas "scavenge" is most particular about what is hunted, garbage.

What is so alluring about scavenging, other than the obvious material gain? TO BE CONTINUED...

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