Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The allure of dumpster diving (part 2)

In addition to wowing friends & family with passed on goodies, dumpster diving gives the diver a certain amount of street credibility. While one may be shunned or most likely ignored during the act of diving, once people find out about what the diver is doing, they applaud the pluck & courage of the diver's activities. Even when diving, many business owners, once familiarized with the diver, will often set aside potentially usable items aside for the diver. A downside is when a business owner gets wise and stops throwing out perfectably usable stuff.

There is also a certain renegade cachet to being a diver. Diving in the daytime tells anyone looking that the diver flouts the social strictures against trash. The diver is in this sense an outcast, thus satisfying, to some divers, the desire to flout stupid social taboos and to be different.

All of these benefits and many others are available to anyone willing to rummage around in a dumpster.

Happy scavenging!

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