Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Zen mind, Abecedarian mind

Yesterday my son and I worked on spelling the long form of his name, Jonathan. He's been able to spell J-O-N for awhile and now the goal is to get him to spell his first and last name and know his mother's phone number in case he ever gets lost. It's funny, but he really struggles to remember the H. He's called it a U or W and even once a Q. We verbally go over it and I have him trace his finger over the letter as he pronounces it. But until we made a sing-song joke out of it, he really struggled to remember it. But why? I think it is because the H sound is so elusive, just a slightly forced exhalation is all it is. That's my theory, at least, and I'm sticking to it. Anyone with more than one graduate course in linguists or semantics out there want to explain the trouble with H?

Today's word of the day is Abecederian. That's what Jonny is, and I guess I am too for teaching him the alphabet.

H-H-H-Have a H-H-H-Happy Day!

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