Monday, August 17, 2009


I've been having fun with Twitter since I got my qwerty keyboard phone about 10 days ago. But I am frustrated that the newest posts are shown first because I've been using Twitter to tell little stories and post quotes from books I'm reading. So those who read my page read an account backwards. I've looked into it to see if I change the order of posts.

A couple ideas I have are to talk about one thing for 10 tweets a day, and to also do an English/ grammar lesson a day in 2-3 tweets. A way around the Twitter posting format is to cut and paste the tweets in the order I want them to be presented here on this blog. Here's Saturday's 10-tweet about my old home.

1. The house was the last house on the left, and it had a creepy vibe 2 it. The kitchen was too small. It had four entrance doors.

2. Spiders were everywhere. Mice invaded the kitchen. I had 2 use poison bait and traps. In the spring an odor of decaying flesh in the walls.

3. There was this stupid little booth off the kitchen with a bench facing a wall. I kept fresh fruit on the table, boxes + bags on bench + flr.

4. The master bdrm was huge and 8 windows looked on serene hillside forest. Deck. Screened in porch. Firepit. Fox River Trail through yard.

5. The livng rm has hardwood floors + a fireplace w/ a brick mantel. I used it often in Nov + Dec, but retreated 2 a small bdrm in Jan.

6. Spectacular sunsets in the fall and winter when leaves off the trees gave a clear view onto the river. Golden rays on whorled wood wall.

7. Rent was so expensive I had no money for entertainment. The Gail Borden library was 1 1/2 miles up the trail. I checked out a lot of DVDs.

8. I sometimes felt the presence of someone else and heard strange noises at night. The place wore an air of unhappiness like a shawl

9. I saw my next door neighbor, an age 90+ man, only once. Butch and Julie lived across the street. We exchanged pleasantries now and again.

10. I realize now how isolated and lonely I'd become living there and, in spite of the quiet and natural beauty, am glad to be gone.

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