Monday, March 16, 2009

Life is like that sometimes

Life is like that sometimes. It sure is. In a time when I should be panicking and fretting about the future, having lost my job, I'm not worried.

So much of the past couple months were spent worrying about my future employment that when I identified and eliminated the stress, interestingly, about a month before I got the fateful news, it was as if a heavy weight were lifted off of me. It was like how I felt on a thru-hike, when, in rare opportunities, I hiked without my pack. The body was so used to the pack burden that to hike without one was to fly!

Worry is not my natural state. I think I'm one of those people who takes things as they come and deals with life's situations as they present themselves. I've become less so in recent years as relationship mistakes and parenthood give me more pause to consider over decisions. But recognizing something outside of my control, and realizing that worry over it changes nothing, is still fairly easy to do, and I feel lucky to have the sense to recognize this. It will probably add years to my life.

So, in these times of searching for employment in a very competitive job market, I'm not worried. If a job comes along -- great! Even better if it is a good fit for me and everybody else. If not, I and those around me will get by. If my credit goes to hell, oh well. I've been paying everything off on time for so long. There's nothing they can re-possess. And they can't take away my health or the love of friends and family. Money has never had any power over me. Nor will the lack thereof.

It is spring. There are trails to hike. Flowers to smell. A toddler son to watch in amazement. A lifelong love to foster. A warm bed. A roof overhead. Food. Books. Life is grand.

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Anonymous said...

...and a final comment. There are jobs to be had WHEN the nonsense is over.

WHEN I say WHEN will the nonsense stop?