Monday, February 02, 2009

25 random things facts

This 25 random facts thing is making the Facebook rounds, so I thought I'd post mine on the blog. These are just off the top of my head in no certain order.

1. I love my job, but am worried about the future. Job security is nil right now.

2. I have no pets, and no plans to get any. Not even a goldfish.

3. I'm alone often and often lonely, but I manage... even without a pet.

4. I wonder if fish oil really increases brain function.

5. I can do the word jumble in the Trib without writing anything down. That includes the Sunday magazine.

6. I do crossword puzzles in pen. The NY Times one is super tough for me after Wednesday.

7. I've never held a job longer than two and a half years, but there are very few gaps in employment.

8. Since leaving my childhood home, I've never lived in one place longer than two and a half years.

9. I've given away more books than I own.

10. Playing guitar is good therapy. So is focusing on my breathing. Doing both at the same time is transcendent bliss.

11. My favorite domestic swill beer is Old Style. I like the scenery on the can and make up imaginary dialogue for the guy sitting on the stump and the other guy sitting at a picnic table.

12. I'm systematically exploring parks and forest preserves in Chicagoland using a Rand McNally atlas that lists every street and park in a 7-county area.

13. I would make a good homeless person because I'm used to living outside.

14. When I was a teenager, my favorite Marvel Comics character was Uatu, the Watcher. A close second was the Molecule Man, the hero of Secret Wars II. Both characters are infinitely powerful, yet choose to remain obscure.

15. Despite the self-centered nature of this post, I'm a pretty good listener.

16. Small things, like early morning golden sun on the treetops, make my day.

17. I consider my life to be pretty boring, but wouldn't have it any other way right now.

18. I wish I could see my son more and worry how my absence affects him. I also worry that my absence doesn't affect him at all.

19. When I go for long walks I think about finances, failed relationships, and complicated plays on words that make me chuckle aloud and passersby think I'm loony.

20. Old friends make me feel awkward and nostalgic... for the first five minutes at least, and then it's like time never passed.

21. One of my recent favorite movies is Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World. I can really relate to the oddballs who live in Antarctica and sometimes feel like that penguin who's walking the wrong way.

22. I just found out that Toad Hall is still open and plan to go back soon.

23. I plan to section hike the rest of the Arizona Trail and the entire Continental Divide Trail over the next 10 years or so.

24. I'd planned to sleep outside 100 nights last year, but only made it to 35. Maybe I'll reach 100 this year.

25. Age is inevitable, but getting old is a choice I'll never make.

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