Monday, November 03, 2008

10 minutes of mayhem

Yeah, 10 minutes. That's all I'm giving myself to post this blog entry. Just keep the fingers moving. That's what I tell my students in free writes. Keep the fingers moving and let the magic flow. Sometimes, it does. It pays to ignore your inner editor.

Favorite Halloween moments....

Just going door to door with Jonny. He was a stop sign. "I stop" on one side. "For candy," on the other. His idea. He painted the red. Mom took care of the words.

I kid you not, walking by Elmwood Cemetery in Sycamore, shortly after dusk, a line of old grave stones, some eerily lit in memorium, a line of pine trees in silhouette, and rising above it, large and slightly in mist, a crescent moon. I told my dad, who was along for the walk, that the only thing missing was a witch riding by. He said willow trees blowing in the wind would be a good creepy touch.

Halloween is for kids. Having a kid allows me to enjoy the innocent fun of trick-or-treating. And this was the first year Jonny was really into it. Afterwards, back at Esther's place, going through the loot, Jonny put his arm around all the candy. "My candy," he said covetously. And as he continued to sort through it I noticed the package of gummy Lifesavers. Ooh, I really like those, I said. Later, just before I left, he reached into his pile for them and gave them to me.

Yeah, Halloween was a lot of fun.

When I was a kid I used to rent creepy movies and watch them all night. One of my all-time favorites is still the 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead. Only years later did I realize why. The movie is claustrophobic, taking place almost entirely in a house. And then, when morning comes, the zombies are still about, but the hero, a black man, a revolutionary concept in its day, is shot down by white hillbillies and unceremoniously added to a fire.

"They're coming to get you, Barbara!!!"

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