Thursday, October 23, 2008

world traveler

No traveling for me in the near future. Certainly nothing international.

Now is the time to hunker down a bit and work my tail off to pay off debts and advance my career. The wandering Taoist in me recoils at the stupidity of that statement. Money is so transitory, as the credit debacle reveals. Things are too. Greed will never motivate me. Possessions are illusions.

But there is that ledger sheet. And I do love my work and want to succeed. And the trails I've walked, people I've met along the way, and things I've seen, give me an awesome perspective.

I checked out the sitemeter link on this blog and found out people from all over the world read this thing. They are interested in a wide variety of subjects, from psychedelic cartoons to horse farm abuses. No other work I did as a journalist has had more lasting "play," so to speak, than the ones I wrote in 2001 after discovering dead horses in a pit on a country farm. Someone right now has a Craigslist post link to it and a post I wrote on this blog years later.

My 2005 bibliography of Charles Bukowski after his death has caused more people to personally e-mail me with help on their papers, as if I somehow, because I did that assignment and have read 10+ of his books, am some kind of expert on the asshole alcoholic from LA. Gotta love Buk, though. He knew the score.

It's almost November. Cold spell here. Going to have my boy this weekend. We always do a ton of fun things together, like go to the library and trolley museums. The leaves are falling, and now that I have a yard, that means raking. Now that I have a fireplace, I also need to gather up and chop some wood for the winter.

I'm very happy. Work is well. Students are underperforming, but I'm seeing improvements in their writing. The powers that be like what I'm doing so far. And I've been busy, working many 12+ hour days. I'm not overwhelmed. Grades are caught up and I've got nothing to do tonight but read for pleasure and listen to the World Series.

By the way, I'm rooting for the worst to first dream team from Tampa Bay, the (former Devil) Rays.

Back to the travel thing. I decided back in August that I would take a year off from any big trips. In the past couple years I've gone to Arizona a couple times and did an epic trek through Boundary Waters. Although teaching gives me more time off, I am sticking to a frugal budget and doing as much extra work as I can in the time allowed.

If anybody's looking for someone to copy edit their work or to do any freelance reporting, send me a post.

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