Friday, October 24, 2008

Postcard from the edge

For years now, whenever I want a vicarious trail fix I go to . Journals from my hikes on the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, Superior Hiking, and Arizona Trails can be found there. Use the sidebar to this blog or go the site and type "raru" in the search box.

But today I want to highlight a journal that is a little different from the others. A couple years ago this guy hiked the Appalachian Trail and instead of doing journal entries, he did drawings. A whole bunch of them. These he later published in a book.
Check out his trail journal for free at:

Also check out his own personal web site, where you can buy some if his art, at:

When (and if) funds permit, I will buy a few of his prints to give to friends and family.

I've also followed The Lion King (a fellow AT 2000 hiker) on You Tube. He's posted 42 videos during his year-long hike on the American Discovery Trail. His videos remind me of the boundless generosity most people give out to travelling souls. Links to his videos can be found at:

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