Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Funny kid, this toddler son of mine.

He's potty training these days. Went on his own twice last week. These are the waning days of diaperdom.

He's got this book he loves called "The Potty Train." "Chugga chugga pooo- poooo!" He loves that line.
He loves word play and making these silly rhymes. His favorite is Go Away.
"Go Away!" he yells.
"But I want to stay," I reply.
"Go Away!"
And his favorite reply, "Should I go see the Mets at Shea?" I can say this 10 times in a row and he'll chuckle every time.
"Go Away!"
"What, and leave you to play?"
One time I said, "Okay," and walked away. He chased after me, almost instantly babbling in tears. The boy's got separation anxiety issues, which is very strange to me. When I was a baby, apparently, according to my mother, I was very independent and had a legendary habit of wandering off on my own. Jonny is very clingy. He cries when I shut the bathroom door for privacy. Esther says she was a very clingy child. Jonny must get that trait from her.
What's impressive about Jonny is I can say "Go Away" and he will come up with a rhyming response.
Other things about Jonny, in random order as they come to me:
-- He loves jazz music and dances to it whenever I put it on.
-- Like most children, he loves playing hide and seek games.
-- His mother tells me he's using a computer now and can manuever the mouse to play matching games.
-- He loves to sing and does so with good tone and articulation.
-- I'm ever amazed at his verbal skills. So are his teachers at day care.
-- He loves books.
-- He absolutely loves Thomas the Tank Engine and can identify even the most minor characters in the vast Thomas universe. (I've been rather lax posting Jonny pictures online, but have some great shots of him at the Day out with Thomas this past August at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union) I imagine he will be one of those rail fans that have been spotlighted lately in the news.
-- He likes to help out with chores, but does not like help doing them. He likes to figure out how to do things on his own and will often cry in frustration if he can't figure it out.
-- He seems to me to be quite accident-prone. In a 15-minute period last Sunday, he fell and bruised his chin, banged his forehead on a railing, and stubbed his toe, each time producing a wailing crying jag.
-- He often wakes up from naps very cranky and is inconsolable in these moods. These are very trying times as a parent.
-- Outside of a couple biting incidents, Jonny is well-behaved at day care and has as many friends who are girls as boys.
-- He is kind of skinny and his physique is just like mine when I was a little boy. While he's not a picky eater (he'll try just about anything), he is very cautious about temperature. Any cooked food must wait about 10 minutes after presentation and then be tested by his mother or I before he'll eat it.
-- He loves anything associated with Cars or Finding Nemo.
-- He loves to watch sports, at least for a few minutes. I'm ever amazed at his ability to focus. I took him to an Elgin High School football game and he sat on my lap and watched the game for a good 10-15 minutes.
-- Another one of his favorite books is Drummer Hoff. He also likes the Good Dog, Carl series (featuring a realistically-drawn Rottweiler), the Clifford series, and, of course, Curious George.
-- He loves going down to the beach at my place, but is a bit of an aquaphobe (like his mother).
-- He has this nasty, dangerous habit of running away in parking lots and near busy streets. His mother and I have probably lost a year of life in panic the many times he's done this. And despite our stern rebukes, he laughs in evil glee every time.
-- In spite of his mischievousness (who knows where he got that?), Jonny is a great kid, truly the light of my life and reason for being. I love being his dad.
-- He has not had a haircut yet and the top of his head is a sea of blonde curls. His hair is also a good barometer and goes very flat in dry air.
Entries like this are as much for my sake as for his. I wish my parents had collected periodic memories of me over the years. I imagine Jonny will cherish these impressions when he is older. I will too because little memories like these get lost over time. They are more valuable than all the pictures and video clips combined.

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