Monday, September 22, 2008

Whatever I can conjure in 10 minutes

Ten minutes. That's all I have. Ten minutes to write. Ten minutes to live a life. Ten minutes to impress strangers around me with the speed of my keystrokes. Ten minutes.

I've instituted 10 minute free writes in my class. It loosens up creativity, washing some gems clean in the slipstream of timed writing. One student wrote about a beautiful fall day, golden sunshine, the birds singing in the trees. Out of all the crap writing I endure reading and patiently (yes, me, patient, whodathunk? not too patient, mind you) making suggestions for improvement, this one paragraph stood out as a gem, as a representation of inspired prose.

Such is so rare, even in my own writing.

About life. About time. It's fall. A time of fresh starts and new beginnings. I put this ad on Craigslist. It's working. Just e-mail contacts. But I'm in no hurry for action. I haven't dated since the divorce. Its been almost a year and a half. I've managed. I have no itching desire for long-term commitment or the intimacy of a new relationship. If the right one comes along, so be it. Maybe the right one's been there all along? Time will tell, but career and parenthood remain in the forefront. But at least I'm making an effort to get my name out there. And that's kind of exciting.

I realized, reading my last post, how just plain ol' down in the tooth lonely I've been lately. But I also realize that this loneliness will only last as long as I let it last. It's like that old axiom: "If you're looking for love, love others first." Same thing with friends and companions. Time to get off my duffer, expand my horizons a little bit, and get to know my new suburban world a little better. I'll keep my faithful 10 readers pleased with updates on how that goes.

Whew hew! Almost up. In other news, I'm proud of the Chicago Cubs for clinching a postseason berth. My verdict is still out on Aaron Rodgers. I can't get used to seeing Favre in a Jets uniform, but I'm officially a Jets fan as long as he's with them.

10 minutes up. Gone. Outta here. See ya next time.

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