Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More pics from my new home

Looking uphill. The windows on the left look in my living room, the windows on the right the master bedroom.
Looking downhill on the west side of the house.
My living room with the one thing that clinched my decision to rent here -- the fireplace! There's also a fire pit out back.
From my property, I have to cross the bike path, but I have access to a beach and acres of wooded riverfront. My landlord's a nature freak and spends a lot of time down there, but I'm always welcome. Jonny loves exploring all the trails and playing in the sand.
This is a view of the rest of the yard. The lawn is small, but the woods plentiful. I live at the end of a long dead-end street and the woods adjoining my property extend all the way back up the street. Surprisingly, few of the neighbors have trails that connect to it. I've already picked a couple old "leaning" trees and hang out in these woods for hours at a time.

I love my place. It's a nature retreat in the suburbs, ironically the wildest place I've ever lived. Rent is too much and I can barely afford it, but this gem is worth it.

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