Monday, August 04, 2008

Officially moved

I write this from the Gail Borden library in Elgin, my first session on the computers here. My laptop got a virus (or something) in March and screwed up my modem. That's one problem on a long list of things that need to be taken care of before the school year begins in... 3 weeks!

So far, I love my new place. I've never had such a big bedroom, and when I turn out the lights at night, it gets dark in there. No street lights or other house lights can be seen from its 8 windows. I've never known this luxury. All my permanent addresses have been well-lit at night.

But I can tell previous inhabitants felt threatened by this darkness. All the doors have multiple locks on them, and bright floodlights are at the corners of the house. I'm not used to locking so many doors.

Esther and Jonny stayed the weekend. My parents came for dinner Saturday night and Todd, who was visiting another friend in Elgin, joined me for disc golf and Tennis Sunday morning. Jonny loves his room and running around the relative spaciousness of the house.

Funny moment: He wanted to go down in the basement and led me down the dark steps. I told him when I was his age I was scared of the basement because I thought monsters lived down there. He stopped on the steps, refusing to go further. "Don't worry," I told him. "Basement monsters are like the nice monsters in Monsters, Inc." He calmed down, but still didn't venture down the stairs.

He also got a kick out of hiding in his closet, which has two doors that close in together, and then bursting out to surprise me.

I still have to finish my paper on Portnoy's Complaint. Its completion was delayed by the move and procrastination. But at least I've got all my sources together and organized, and an outline ready. All I need to do is write the darn thing.

The trip out west with my dad is canceled. We both haven't the time or resources. This is a bummer, but at least I can spend the next three weeks in relative calm preparing lessons and getting to know my new environs.

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