Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jonny loves trains!

I remember once telling Esther, "Wouldn't it be funny if our child loves trains?" during her pregnancy as we tried to talk over the screech of the train sirens in downtown DeKalb. Here it is three years later and our son is totally infatuated with Thomas the Train Engine.

Good thing Jonny can't read and burst the surprise. My next weekend with the boy (Aug. 15-17) we're going to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL, to see the Great Discovery Tour Day Out With Thomas.

Check out this link for a short video about the event:

Jonny absolutely loves Thomas, and has memorized all of the characters on the island of Sodor. I like Thomas too. The style of these programs is more relaxing than most video fare geared towards kids. And I was surprised to hear the familiar voices of (recently-deceased) George Carlin and (still kicking) Alec Baldwin.

I can't wait to see the look in his eyes when Jonny sees a real-life Thomas the Train Engine. And since he is on the cusp of the age of cognizance, he may remember this event later in life too. I sure hope so.

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