Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another beautiful day

It's time to bear down for the home stretch, but before I do I afforded myself a relatively lazy weekend.

Did some reading: Chicago Tribune, research paper rough drafts, and a novel, Cleveland Anonymous, by NIU English professor Keith Gandal. Watched mindless entertainment: South Park Season 9 on DVD. Played some guitar. Had a wild, wild time watching my son Saturday night. He's a toddler and thinks it's funny to wallop me in the face when I least suspect it, and he laughs when I get upset. I remember a time, not so long ago, when Saturday nights were a little more festive than playing trucks and reading Dr. Seuss.

Cleaned the apartment. I should take pictures, it looks so good. I had printed and framed an old family photo of my maternal great-grandparents (Fiorello), including my grandmother Josephine as a baby. Also had printed and put in a frame pictures from both of Jonny's birthday parties. My photo wall is looking quite homey.

Today attended English department awards at Adams Hall at NIU and accepted the Jeannie A. Hainds Award for Excellence in Student Teaching. Whoo hoo. It was nice to see some of the bigwigs in the department who've helped me along the way -- Drs. Baker, Callahan, Day, and MacDonald -- give me congratulations. It was strange to have my parents, Esther and Jonny cross the divide into my academic life, but I was glad they could be there for me.

Roasted a whole chicken, corn on the cob, and red potatoes for dinner. Jonny was a crab cake until he got fed. Damn. Now that I recount my weekend, it no longer retains the air of repose I originally assigned to it.

One more paper.

One more test.

One more ceremony.

And then... wilderness....

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