Saturday, February 16, 2008

The media crush

I got caught up in it. Esther and Jonny were with me for moral support as I returned to NIU for the first time since the shooting. En route to Reavis Hall, we stopped at the memorials around campus.

As we stopped in the commons, Esther ran to see her friend, a co-worker, who was good friends with one of the slain. As they cried -- and by this time it was golden sunset on the commons -- a photographer from the New York Times took about a million pictures and got their names. And as we were almost free of the phalanx of satellite trucks in front of Altgeld Hall, a lone reporter from Rockford channel 23 stopped me to ask a few questions.

And by golly, it made it on the evening news in Rockford:

Of course, the story is kind of hoaky, one of those where they publicize a wacky opinion that most viewers would balk at because it's easy to get common sense opinions from the public, in this case me.

I looked on the Times web site, but haven't found any pictures of Esther and her friend.

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