Thursday, November 01, 2007

a thousand words a week?!!

There it is. This challenge that lies before me. To conjure up words after a day of words. This constant involvement in language, reading, and writing invigorates the creative juices. But I think I make the mistake of making time for this too late in the day. In order for me to fulfill the 1,000 words a day goal, I will have to write more earlier in the day. Maybe get up a little earlier than normal and knock off a couple hundred words. Another couple hundred at lunch… here… there… throughout the day.

This could make for very disjointed writing, but not leave me with this hourlong burden actually not an hour long tonight because I am going to keep on typing no stop at all to even formulate or copulate a thought. What an idea. Copulate a thought. Dirty mind. Active mind. Motion mind.
The yelling, clapping, crowd, all moving in time to the funky beat the band young vigorous in time to a simple funky beat, gets all scatty and yelling to the wah wah groove steady high hat drums just that moment the groove

And tell me you love me. What do you really mean? Love is covetous? Love is service? Love as sacrifice? Concern? Care? Mutual respect? And love the most talked about misunderstood subject with all its heavy individual commitments love the cliché love the burden love the sacrifice love supreme the blue light that Coehlo talks about the blue light of love for everything that embraces the universe that blue light special energy Kmart defeated dinosaur chain blue light special a reference Jonny and company won’t get.

About Jonny. Halloween last night. The first time I’ve been trick or treating in about 20 years. Jonny had a lot of fun. It didn’t take long for him to get the concept of Halloween. AT the first house where he was able to pick out of a bowl, he went for a mad grab and had to put some back. Jonny went as Voltar the Viking. He’s got this cute little Viking outfit, plastic horn sided helmet and sash front and he practically waddled all obese with this black ninja jumpsuit thing over his fleece jacket and other pants. Norman Rockwell scene on quiet old neighborhood Sycamore street, kids running from door to door lawns with Styrofoam tombstones, all the cheesy motion and air filled contrivances. The Sycamorans really get into Halloween, it being the home of the Pumpkin festival.

I joked with Esther that this town is populated by an evil, Satanic cult, and that she should resist indoctrination, for Jonny’s sake, as long as possible. Esther, going along with the gag, turns to me all serious, and in a monotone says, too late. Did that really happen? No. Probably not in so many words, though I’ve had this running gag going back to 12 years ago when I last lived in Sycamore, that the town has a secret cult that organizes the pumpkin fest and has a secret death cult involving evil rites and human sacrifice. All under the guise of Midwestern wholesomeness.

Sycamore’s a bit of an expensive town. Its downtown and older neighborhoods are well-preserved. It’s new build and chainy blandness is situated well on the outskirts of town. It’s a pleasant place. Strange for me because I was young and married there and now am there older, a parent, and divorced.

Esther and I are seen together often in Sycamore. She and Jonny don’t come to DeKalb that
often. This is usually because during the week I usually go to Sycamore, and on “my” weekend every other weekend, I ride with Esther and Jonny in her car to Loves Park, where Jonny and I spend a day at my parents. But this weekend my retired, but busy as all get out parents are coming down Friday to see Jonny. Mom is very involved with her church and also does a lot of sewing projects for Midway Village and other relatives. Dad volunteers at Swedish American Hospital pushing patients on wheel chairs (as is the required custom with most hospital patients) to a car port. He also volunteers at the ticket booth at Midway Village, it seems, just about every weekend.

I hope to be as active and involved in 35 years. Speaking of… I’m almost officially reaching the mid-30s milestone. Guhhh. I’ve thought about age a bit lately because I’ve suffered a period of fatigue the past couple weeks. I went to bed early many nights in a row and slept at least 8 hours or more. Normally, I don’t knock off until after 11 p.m., and get up at 6:15 a.m. But lately it’s been 9, 9:30. And I’ve been just tired and listless after dinner most nights. Part of it is the mental demands of teaching. But I’m used to that. I think the big reason is the season. November, like February on the flip side of winter, makes me just want to crawl in a hole and hibernate the entire month. I don’t like Novembers. Never have. But I’ve made peace with the month over the years, using the desire to hibernate as an opportunity to enjoy sedentary pursuits such as reading, writing, and watching movies even more.

Whatever. So full of crap. I just deal.

The walk home
Late fall afternoon light
On aluminum siding
The day of the dead
Candy left on the sidewalk

A rare still windless day
Audible nut chomp
Slinky tail hop through leaves
The low rumble of train
A late model sedan hisses
down a brick-paved street

And the light has shifted
Into that other spectrum
Shorter, brittle, golden fast
then gone
So, that’s the deal with the 1,000 words a day. Sometimes it’s a 1,000 words a week. Let’s shoot for a November sweep. I started this and aims to continue, even as I continues to produce mostly crap. And by the way, many of my typos are not unintentional, but word/tense/number play. Like “I aims to continue“ and “even as I continues,” inspired by the famous catch line from Popeye, just before he produces the until-now hidden can of spinach: “I‘ve had all I can stands and I can‘t stands no more!” That and many of my typos could be fixed, but for the sake of this forum who cares just leave it like this see no punctuation I don‘t have to follow the rules all the time.

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