Tuesday, November 13, 2007

such a lie

The title of this blog will remain, though I rarely live up to the spirit of it. I haven't been blogging because I've been busier than hell, but really no excuse. I use my downtime to fart around and check out videos on Netflix and YouTube. Oh, well.

I have been busier than heck with school work, grading papers and writing lesson plans. This exemplary student teacher award nomination thingy requires me to video tape a class and submit a 300-500 word critique of the lesson and provide any supplementary materials. I also have to put my resume together so I can do a mock interview with my current school principal and the team of teachers. And then there's the portfolio and reflections, which we talked about tonight in our student teacher's meeting at NIU. But there's a carrot. A month from today I'll be sleeping outside in the Arizona winter, enjoying a much-deserved respite from obligation or care.

In the meantime enjoy this latest fun video:

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