Saturday, July 28, 2007

Simile similarities smiles hilarities

Jonny had a wonderful day visiting Nana (grandma) and Nanu Locascio. He kept my folks active, running around the house and getting into as much as he could. I left him alone with them for a few hours while I visited my friend Andy and got in a round of disc golf at Page Park. I drove my dad's bright yellow Ford Focus, "the bumblebee," (yes, he even has bee stickers near both passenger doors). My Dad is utilitarian. I guess he read somewhere that bright yellow vehicles are statistically less likely to be hit. But I felt a bit garish tooling around town in the bumblebee.

I see many positive similarities between Jon and I. He is curious and outgoing. He always has a smile for strangers and is very loving and affectionate. He loves books and words, and is a talker. He thinks out loud and you can see the gears working in his eyes. He is a non-picky eater, but really loves tomato-based foods and meat. He notices little things on our walks together, like a butterfly sunning itself on a flower leaf. He loves balls and is entranced if any organized sport occurs in his vicinity.

But this evening, waking him up after a car ride back to his mother's, I thought about some of the negative similarities he shares with me. He is mischievous. When I tell him not to do something, he gets this look on his face, a look I know well, and will proceed to do the exact opposite of what I say. He's a little reckless and has no fear of climbing to some high spot just to be there. He's strong-willed and stubborn. When he's hungry there's no consoling him until he gets what he wants. And sometimes when he wakes up from a nap, he can be a real crabby sourpuss.

Yep, just like his old man.

Of course, he's a lot like his mother too -- empathetic to other's moods and feelings, obedient and cautious (most of the time), and has a strong sweet tooth. Some of his stubborn streak's gotta be a little Larson-inspired. And he's a bit wary of water, very unlike his aquaphilic father.

The templates of our predecessors are laid upon us. Nature vs. nurture rages on within our souls. But we are all unique genetic blends, made even moreso by individual experience. Yet certain habits, reactions, facial expressions, and physical poses cross eons and long-dead relatives to see the present in our lives.

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