Sunday, July 08, 2007

Google Earth images of the Rock River

The image below is the Rock River at Sterling/Rock Falls. The take out point is a landing next to where the Hennepin Canal joins the Rock River. Notice how wide the river is here. Because of the gentle, rolling terrain that comprises the Rock River valley, the river widens dramatically at each dam.

This is where the east branch of the Rock River flows into Horicon Marsh, a birdwatcher's paradise. The south and west branches also flow into the marsh and join at a dredged channel. The Rock River leaves Horicon Marsh a unified river with all its branches joined.

I started my trip down the Rock River in late June 2005 (can't remember the exact date) after finding this pool spring off Highway 41 near Allenton, WI (about 45 minutes northwest of Milwaukee). I camped illegally behind a hedge grove along the railroad tracks. The next morning I walked along the tiny rill flowing from the spring and, in an act of symbolism not to be repeated, drank from the stream.

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