Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"That's the hard part right in there, nephew!"

Follow my logic here for a minute. I've just returned from meeting the parents of my Upward Bound students. They are all packed and ready to go on a trip to South Dakota, many taking their first trip ever away from family. I love meeting parents and sharing with them insights/concerns I have about their children. They seem to really listen and usually affirm what I have to say. Only a couple memorable times have parents really laid complaints out on me. Of course, this is only the third time I've met parents, and the two previous times were as a long-term substitute teacher, which is a different set of expectations than for a certified teacher.

After meeting the parents, there was a short program presentation, and I introduced one of my students, who read her research paper about immigration reform. It was by far the best of the bunch, and I take great personal pride in helping guide this student to her good work. This is one of the many reasons I love teaching, to see improvement, a polished, finished product, and the look of pride in my student's eyes.

I had no problem giving a short introduction, speaking before a large group of people. And as I sat down, I remembered what Dr. Callahan said about teaching: "You have to be a little bit of a ham to be a teacher." And that quote inspired a musical memory from a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Of course, typical me, I committed a malapropism with the lyrics and sang "hambone" as I walked out to my truck. The actual word is "crambone," but the connection from teaching/ speaking in public hamminess to "crambone" is clear.

Also, in my memory, it was "Mama went a courtin'," but "mama" is really "froggy." YouTube set me straight and I got to enjoy one of my favorite cartoon's from childhood. Hmmm... I have some time on my hands. Should I take the time to learn the song?

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