Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You're invited!!!

I am posting my schedule of outdoor activities for the rest of the summer. If anybody would like to join me on any of these hiking, biking, canoeing excursions, I will be glad to provide food and transportation (though offers to chip in for gas won't be refused). E-mail me at or call 815-505-5680 if interested.

June 30 --Canoe Rock River -- Dixon to Sterling (approximately 8-9 miles)

July 1 -- Canoe Rock River -- Sterling/Rock Falls to Prophetstown (11-12 miles)

July 7 -- Bike the Pecatonica Prairie Path (18 miles); also including a trip to Seward Bluff Forest Preserve (a long-time favorite nearby. Dolomite cliffs!).

July 21 - 22 -- Canoe Rock River from Prophetstown to the Mississippi River at Rock Island. (approximately 30 miles).

August 5 -- (Chicago weekend!!) Canoe the Salt Creek of the Des Plaines River (11 miles); evening bike ride along the lakeshore.

August 6 -- Bike North Branch Bike Trail (approximately 20 miles).

August 18-19 -- Canoe the Pecatonica River from Trask Bridge Forest Preserve to Macktown (approximately 30 miles).

More later, including, hopefully, a fall weekend backpacking trip or two. YES! Rarity of rarities, I may attempt to backpack in my home state. Also, this schedule may change if something more interesting comes up.

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