Thursday, May 24, 2007

"The coolest"

The comments I got on MySpace's grade your professor feature. I have an 'A' rating after 8 votes. Yippee. Nothing beats the note a fourth grader at Wright Elementary gave me when I subbed there fall 2005... She wrote, "You are so not-lame!"

English 104 05/01/2007 B+ I enjoyed the class more than I expected. I thought it was going to be a lot of work and I was unsure about Mr. Locascio at first. By now, I enjoy the class. It would be nice to be able to communicate over the internet more and to be able to get our papers back faster like promised. The homework was not bad and the classes were always interesting.

ENGL 104 05/01/2007 A+ Best English teacher I've had yet. He really allowed me to explore myself as a writer, which is what I really wanted out of a college English class. He's also just a cool guy in general. A+++++.

ENG 104 04/25/2007 A+ Greg is the coolest. Best english teacher EVER. [ 103 12/13/2006 A+ i enjoyed this class

English 103 09/30/2006 B I hate having to go to douglas on fridays! i chose our class because it is convenient to my next class...

Engl 103 09/29/2006 B+ Personally, I don't really like the grading system of the checks and check minuses etc. Otherwise, It's ok.

english 103 09/29/2006 A Keep up the good work!!!

English 103 09/25/2006 A Great teacher! Helps explain things that are going wrong with my writing and composition. Is a very fair teacher when it comes to due dates and reading assignments.

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